Where emerging ministry entrepreneurs get refined, a sense of call gets clarified and a path forward can be realized!

We believe that right now there are new ideas and passions growing in the hearts of emerging ministry entrepreneurs across THIS STATE that are just waiting to come to life! What if we had a ministry version of Shark Tank right here in Nebraska?

But first… they must go through the refining fire of the Crucible!


brings the heat, extracts the dross, refines the metal, preparing it to form something new!


where metal is melted, imperfections are discarded, and the liquid is poured out, molded into a design… crafted to fulfill its purpose!

Deep within the hearts of a daring few in our state, God is sparking a passion … a ministry idea… a burden that something should be different in Jesus’ name!

Are you contemplating, considering, and calculating risks of how you could start a ministry?

Then the Crucible might be for you!

The Crucible, hosted by MyBridge Momentum, is a place where an inspired idea has a chance to become an emerging ministry… After first going through the process of a refining fire.

Those who make it through the

will be invited to pursue their vision within the MyBridge Momentum Incubator, where they would receive...

Coaching… including mentoring from Stan Parker, founder and TEAM Lead of MyBridge!

Camp… a space to serve from at our Ministry Training Center in Lincoln, rent free!

Covering… operating under our 501c3, supported by our administrative infrastructure!

Capital… seed money from our Artisans (our equivalent of the Sharks) to get you started!

Community… launching a ministry can be lonely, but not as part of the MyBridge family!