Your ministry is a vital part of God’s Kingdom purposes being accomplished in Nebraska and around the world! MyBridge Momentum helps leaders and their teams Build to Breakthrough with tools designed specifically for ministry from 30+ years of ministry leadership experience.

Solutions to common ministry problems

  • Driving consistent, predictable performance by serving as an implementer in your installation of a robust operating system.
  • Unlocking continuous innovation from within by facilitating the execution of a strategic planning cadence.
  • Increasing your leadership competencies by teaching you an expanding set of simple tools.
  • Navigating breaking through your next ceiling by coaching you in leveraging your momentum.

Ministry leaders are choosing Momentum to accelerate their Kingdom impact!


I was on the board for the ministry of Collage for about 7 years, and I also currently serve as a volunteer. The executive director is a great friend of mine. I have witnessed first hand the impact of the work they do with MyBridge Momentum, and it has been unbelievable to watch. It has played out in the functionality of the ministry and in the multiplying of their faith. I have seen their momentum building,  creating breadth and revealing potential so that everybody is seeing further and dreaming bigger. It is pushing the board forward as well. There has been amazing leadership development as Momentum invests in them, and it’s been great to see the fruit on my end!”

– Julie Brenton, former Collage board member

As our ministry grew, we kept feeling ourselves hitting ceilings. We were needing to do things differently to go to the next level. We kept praying and seeking God for a breakthrough. We were really excited when we learned about Momentum and their willingness to help us. Through their investment, we have been able to take all the disconnected pieces we had and unify them into a powerful operating system that is driving us forward and creating breakthroughs!”


– Jeff Keiser, Executive Director of Camp Sonshine

Experience is the difference.

Stan Parker
Momentum Implementer

After 35 years of leading multiple ministries in Nebraska, a great day for me is sitting around the table with a leader and their team, discussing key issues, discerning a clear path forward and designing specific next steps to aggressively advance. Let’s have a conversation to explore what that could look like for you!”

Ready for a breakthrough?

MYBRIDGE serves as a catalyst, helping accelerate ministries and movements throughout Nebraska and the nations.
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